Are you unsure what will grow well or not? Do you need help/recommendations with your existing garden. A little troubleshooting perhaps. We can discuss natural soil amendments, your soil quality, and much more.

Teach you what grows best in your area. Reach out to us, we would love to Coach you on your existing garden or your future garden project you have.

We have online coaching available, book a session below. For in person coaching please email us at and let us know what are you looking for and we can get you on the calendar.



The first step is a Consult. We come to you, look at your space & discuss what you are looking for and what your vision is.

  • We find the best location for your garden, based on sunlight requirements, existing shade structures and traffic patterns in your yard.  Understand what is it that you are hoping for and determine the best size for you. 
  • We work with areas of all sizes, this could be a small yard, a balcony or against a wall in a narrow lot or a large spacious yard. A garden can fit in everyone’s outdoor space regardless of how big or small your space is.

Design & Planning

This starts at the Consult and continues from there. We do everything from Herb Gardens on the patio to raised bed DIY installs.

Once we have determined your requirements. We draw up a plan with our recommendations and a plan of action. We make recommendations on materials and the step by step process to lay the groundwork for your success.

We can also help you with your existing setup if things are not going exactly as planned. We can come and make recommendations and troubleshoot sunlight, water, soil issues and much more.

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Sometimes we all need a helping hand…

We can provide a hand on a bi-weekly, monthly basis, quarterly or as needed basis. We are here to help!

This can involve thinning out plants, helping with weeding, pruning and cutting back overgrown plants. We can work along side you in the garden or provide a full maintenance schedule. We tailor this to each client’s needs.

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