Benefits of Having a Vegetable Garden

Welcome to my first blog post!

For those of you who garden, you and I can share numerous reasons of why we enjoy vegetable gardening. However, if you are someone who doesn’t garden or doesn’t think that you’re good at keeping plants alive, let me explain a few reasons on why I encourage you to consider this for your own home!

  1. Satisfaction

  2. There is something miraculous and satisfying about observing a seed, which looks like nothing interesting, grow into a plant that bears fruit or flowers. I am always fascinated by seeds and their potential. If you grind them up, they turn into a powder that is dry and dead looking; but add it to soil, give it some sunlight and water, and in a short while you’ll see something green begin to push its way out of the soil and turn into a plant which in turn often produces hundreds of seeds for future plants! The seed planting process provides you with satisfaction and heightens your self esteem because you had something to do with it growing!
  3. Exercise
    Working in the garden, weeding, moving things around, transplanting, and other various activities require you to bend, stretch and lift, especially if you’re building or moving things. I recently built a composter and it took me 30 minutes of focus and hard work. I was surprised at how tired I was afterwards, but it was a good tired!
  4. Reduces Stress
    There is something special about being in the garden and looking at the growth of flowers that have grown since you last were there. It is a natural de-stressor. There are numerous studies indicating that 30 minutes of gardening results in lower cortisol levels. Stress is a big health risk, so this is a big plus for gardening – and yes, a few potted plants on your porch or balcony count!!
  5. Challenge
    Gardening can be a mental challenge if you are trying to get a plant to flower and aren’t having much success. So maybe you change the conditions, try some soil amendments, or ask a neighbor or your local nursery. I have a variety of primrose that my mother has and have been trying to grow it in my yard for years. I finally got it to multiply, but it rarely flowers. Once every other year I might get a single bright yellow flower to bloom, but I am going to keep at it. I enjoy the challenge and I think I may have figured out the problem, so I will try again next season. It stimulates my brain and overall, it’s good to have a challenge every once in a while!
  6. Sleep
    Some say that light activities such as gardening help you sleep better
  7. Health
    Gardening and growing some ingredients to incorporate into your meals is a healthy step to take towards reducing your carbon footprint. Also, gardening with your family or friends creates opportunities for bonding as well!
  8. Financial health
    Gardening can definitely save you a lot of money, especially with particular herbs. A few stems of herbs range between $2 to $4 at the store and often are not fresh. Gardening can become expensive if you allow it to – BUT, it is easy to have a small garden on a budget. For example, you can buy an herb plant for a few dollars and harvest from it all summer long. Tomatoes and lettuce are other plants that can be very cost efficient too. How many times can you recall herbs going bad in the fridge before you use them? Exactly. Having them in the yard gives you a chance to pick them fresh right when you need them. 

*Please note this blog is based on things I have read and my own personal experience. This is not meant to be medical or financial advice. Please seek the advice of a professional in those fields, if that is what you’re looking for.

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